Operational Reporting & Oversight

Demand more from
your data.

When managing operations it's important that you have access to the right information at the right time. ExInsight provides an all-in-one platform for managing data collection, filing, and analysis so that you can make data-driven decisions with ease.

Real-time reporting.

With automated and instant collection and collation of your project information, you can share real-time status updates with those who need them before they know they need it.


Offline Reporting

Auto Visualising

All the answers

at your fingertips.

Gather the information you need to know and use it to create instant, clear and intuitive reports to share with customers and other stakeholders, giving them confidence in the project and your performance.

All your project data,

all in one platform.

With automated dashboards, all of your project information, no matter the format, is grouped, organised and presented to you clearly and immediately.

Monitoring & Evaluation

When a site visit is impossible, have confidence in the data you are collecting and share real-time updates and clear, visual reports with colleagues and stakeholders. ExInsight allows you to gather information from sites of interest, supported by imagery, allowing the right information to get to the right people at the right time.

Understand your environment

without ever stepping foot in it.

Trust, but verify.

With photo, video, and geo-targeting functionality, you have confidence that your team is where they need to be. 

Giving you the accurate and timely information you know you can trust.

Save on site visits.

ExInsight allows you to direct site visits remotely enabling you to gather the information you need without the costs and risks of going there yourself.


Multiple sites can be visited simultaneously allowing you to gain the understanding you need in a fraction of the time it would take to visit the sites yourself.

See real-time progress.

Because information is gathered and reported in real-time, those responsible can assess progress and report it to all those that are entitled. This information is retained in an auditable manner allowing any given team’s performance to be assessed in real-time or over a specified period.

Reduce risk with remote


Direct workers already on-site to gather the information you need through the ExInsight platform. This reduces the risks and costs inherent in deploying more staff. Information is collected and reported in real-time allowing additional questions to be asked and data collected.

Site Inspection

Demonstrate compliance.

Prove inspections have been executed safely and securely, completed in the right place and at the right time. These reports are stored in an auditable log allowing you to prove compliance and reduce the need and cost of third-party auditors.

Gather all reports

in one platform.

Forget confusing paper-based reports, build custom templates to send out to your network. All responses are collated, formatted, and displayed to you clearly. The mistakes inherent in transcribing data from paper reports are completely removed as is the risk of lost reports. Because reports are submitted in real-time all those that are entitled can see the results of surveys instantly and can easily share the findings.

Save time

and money.

When time is of the essence,

create an immediate feedback

loop with workers on-site to ask

for repeat or additional data


Situation Awareness

Access the right information,

at the right time.

Develop a Common Operational Picture using ExInsight.Data can be gathered by your own organisation and enhanced with additional data layers to build up an accurate and comprehensive picture of your operational environment and your organisation within it. The resultant product is dynamic and will change as the environment does, allowing you to make better decisions, faster.

Stand out from

the crowd.

Other stakeholders can use the platform to remain situationally aware. By using ExInsight as a common frame of reference the platform allows you to coordinate action across a project or programme allowing you to make coordinated data driven decisions across multiple stakeholders and functions.

Access real-time reports,

anywhere and any time.

Check the status of ongoing projects and instantly see clear analysis through auto charting and graphs – giving you clear, actionable outputs across multiple functions.

Pinpoint patterns, as soon

as they’re detected.

Our intuitive analytics and custom threshold values will alert you when things are out of the ordinary, allowing you to pinpoint outliers quickly and with confidence.

ESG Assessment & Reporting

Access funds faster with
enhanced reporting.

With on-demand, detailed and clear reports you could

access funds faster and on better terms with ExInsight.

All your project data,
all in one platform.

With automated dashboards, all of your project data, no matter the format, are collated automatically, organised and presented to you clearly and immediately.

Give your investors peace of mind.

Share real-time reports and clear, visual analytics that prove to investors that your organisation is compliant, credible and transparent.

Analyse your data with ease.

No matter your information requirements,

there is a solution with ExInsight.

See how ExInsight can help your team.

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Custom Dashboards

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