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ExInsight can help journalists verify information by letting stringers or members of the public submit information that is geocoded, timestamped and specific to the newsroom's requests.

Ground truth, verified.

An image showing how ExInsight can be used in to verify news or open source reporting.  The image shows a screenshot of ExInsight.


Verify what is happening.

Verify events by tasking users to collect the information that you need.  Define your requirements in seconds, notify those authorised, and receive timestamped, georeferenced answers and imagery.

Crowdsource and expand your reach.

Build and activate networks in places that you couldn't otherwise access. Collect information from multiple sources concurrently.  Conduct A/B collections. 

Adapt to fast-moving situations.

Create and customise information requirements specific to your needs. Publish multiple requirements concurrently and segment respondents by group, individual, attribute or location. 

See how ExInsight can help your team.

An image of a news gathering scenario where ExInsight's software would be useful.

Use Case

News Gathering.

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