Frequently asked questions.

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What is ExInsight?

ExInsight is versatile real-time reporting software that lets you collect information remotely and analyse data intuitively so that you can make effective decisions faster.

The Information Cycle is a process for developing understanding. It sets out the steps required to turn data into information products.
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What is the Information Cycle?

ExInsight combines data collection with data analytics, providing the most versatile reporting tool on the market. We’ve found teams use it for just about anything: from NGOs conducting remote field work in Somalia, companies that wish to map their supply chains, to multinational companies working out how their staff might be affected during the Covid pandemic. Take a look at our use cases

Why should I use ExInsight?

ExInsight is designed to provide a common operational picture, or COP. Information can be networked and fused to provide decision makers and stakeholders with a common understanding of their organisation and operating environment in real-time.

Can I use ExInsight to develop a Common Operational Picture?

Measuring information and presenting it in a way that is actionable is a key part of ExInsight. We designed our software to help monitor and evaluate ‘input, activities, output, outcomes and impact’. Key performance indicators (KPI), reporting by exception and conditions can be applied to help your organisation become more effective and efficient.

Does Exinsight help make organisations more efficient and effective?

We have built ExInsight with accountability in mind meaning that information is submitted with a high degree of assurance. It can be logged with location, date-time, and other user data. This provides you with an accountable log and insight into the provenance of the information in the system. Where privacy is important, these features can be configured with transparency to ensure local laws and regulations are followed. Or, they can be turned off altogether.

Can I use ExInsight to build an accountable reporting network?

Invite your subcontractors, partners and donors to join the platform, or access your repositories using our permissioning system, to make sure the right people get the right information at the right time.

Can I use the platform to oversee third parties?

We have made it easy to get information in and out of ExInsight. We recognise that customers use other systems upstream and downstream and we have built export and input tools that help smooth that process. Want to know more about our Product Features

What does ExInsight integrate with?

We support the importing of spreadsheets either in .xls or .csv formats. This means you can absorb historic data into ExInsight without having to re-enter data manually. It’s an easy-to-use process, including a drag and drop interface to help consume the spreadsheet data quickly and easily.

Can I import an excel document into ExInsight?

Our team can supply you with templates for general reporting such as risk assessment, audit reports and monitoring and evaluation. For more specialist templates, we can connect you with partners to help you build a report that is best suited to your needs. Templates can be loaded into ExInsight easily and can be shared with others if permitted by your account’s administrator. Book a demo and we can walk you through.

Does ExInsight offer templates?

ExInsight dashboards are customizable views of your information including maps, tables, charts, text and embedded elements such as iFrames from other websites, imagery or links.

What are ExInsight dashboards?

We work with our customers to apply the best commercial model to make sure our customers maximise their return on investment. We seek to balance customer service with customer needs to ensure satisfaction.

Which ExInsight plan is right for me?

Our pricing model incorporates elasticity making it easy for customers to scale up or down according to their needs.

Can I change my ExInsight plan?

ExInsight is designed to conform to standards such as ISO:27001 and we follow international best practices with regards to information security. We are able to share our information security policies and procedures with customers which describes our approach in more detail.

Does ExInsight adhere to information security standards?

No, ExInsight is a data processor and not a data controller. We do not own customer data and don’t seek to monetise it in any way. Our terms of service make it clear that customers own their data.

Does ExInsight own my data?