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All of your data is automatically sorted and filed on your platform for analysis, saving you time and resources and reducing the risk of human error.

Once your data has been filed it will automatically back up to the cloud to avoid any loss or damage to your project.

Already have a current platform? ExInsight has been built with system integration in mind.

Auto sort and filing.

An image of a sample dashboard from ExInsight.

The information cycle.

At the heart of ExInsight is the Information Cycle. A modular approach to data analysis that can be used independently or as a whole, offering flexibility depending on your business requirements.

An image depicting the Informatoin Cycle or Intelligence Cycle, the backbone method behind ExInsight.

Harness the power of your data.

ExInsight’s powerful platform derives meaning from complex
data so that you can make effective decisions faster.

Define what you need to know.

Create fully bespoke, customisable reports that easily define your data requirements in both quantitative and qualitative ways.

Not sure what to ask? Simply use one of our templates or work with an ExInsight engineer to produce your own bespoke fields.

An animated image of the ExInsight form builder.

Instant analysis.

With auto-charting and geospatial analysis tools, ExInsight produces instant visual analysis at the touch of a button.

Our intuitive dashboards allow you to identify patterns and interpret your data with ease, giving you a clear understanding of your project at a glance.

An animated image of the analytical and geospatial module of ExInsight.

Produce powerful conclusions

Create and export professional reports straight from the platform to share with those who need them. With automated report builders, mapping and graphics, decision-makers will easily draw conclusions and insights derived from your analysed data.

Need to keep a colleague in the loop? With 'View Only' mode you can provide real time reports to anyone you have authorised.

A series of screenshots of the ExInsight application showing geospatial, tabular and graphical views of ExInsight's dashboarding and data visualiisation.

See how ExInsight can help your team

An image of the ExInsight mobile form and web form.

Collect information from any source.

Data is gathered on the ground from anywhere in the world via mobile, desktop, and automated platforms. These reports are transmitted in real-time to the platform via text, photography, video, or audio.

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