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ExInsight is a highly intuitive and powerful analytics platform using state-of-the-art custom tools, applications and artificial intelligence to help businesses find meaning and value from their data.

Real time reporting software that makes sense of your data.

An image showing a forest, symbolising how ExInsight can help have a positive impact on the environment and move towards net zero.

Global presence without the carbon footprint.

Understand your environment without ever stepping foot in it. Quickly and easily establish a human network allowing you to monitor and communicate with your team remotely. Saving you time and travel.

Keep your team on track.

Manage your entire team with a customizable network, giving you instant access and real-time status updates from anywhere in the world.

An image of an ExInsight dashboard showing how ExInsight can be used for operational reporting and oversight.
A selection of screenshots of the ExInsight mobile application.

Real-time reporting.

With automated and instant collection and collation of your project information, you can share real-time status updates with those who need them before they know they need it.

How it works >


50% faster than

traditional data collection methods.


Access data from

anywhere. Cost efficient

and environmentally friendly.


Designed to adapt to your

business needs.


Ensure compliance and

measure KPIs.


Gather data securely and share with those invited.


Analyse and visualise your data with ease.

Our Services 

Safe and secure.

All of your projects and data are securely stored on the cloud, instantly accessible, and easily recoverable when you need them most.

An image depicting security.

See how ExInsight can help your team.

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