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Our powerful platform has been crafted to make data driven 

decision making, easier for you.

​Customisable forms

Define qualitative and quantitative questions from a range of options to gather the information you need.


Customisable templates for private use or download to share with stakeholders.

​Permission based reporting

Send report requests to individuals or entire teams as required.

​Integrate methods

Quickly and easily integrate multiple data sources to meet your needs. Mobile App, web-form, API, CSV, XLS, JSON or GeoJ-SON upload.

​Review & approvals

Share your projects to collaborate with colleagues or for sign off with stakeholders.


Automated assurance measures and geo-tagging ensure certainty on what was sent by who, from, where and when.

​Offline reporting

Cache your reports to a mobile device when working with limited or no connectivity.

​API integration

Harness the power of open or external data sources by integrating into your project.

​Image capture

Support your location data findings with image capture in app.

​Adaptable templates

Easily replicate, adapt and edit templates without disrupting live projects.

Auto filing

Data is filed automatically into your project structure, so you can start making sense of your data, faster.

Data collection.

Define and collect the information you require quickly and easily with ExInsight's intuitive forms and reports.

Custom dashboards

Define qualitative and quantitative questions from a range of options to gather the information you need.

Files view

Order your data files by specific areas of interest - be it countries or report types.

Live dashboards

Keep on top of your projects as they develop with real time updates to your dashboards.

​Auto visualization

All data is automatically visualised giving you a clear picture of the situation.

​Conditional formatting

Format your data to identify specific answers, ranges or exception.

​Sort & filter

Get to the information you need faster with sortable and filterable tables.

​Data exports

Download your raw data as .xls, .csv and .json formats.

​Multiple views

See your data in a map, table or graphical view.

Customize reports

Build your own dashboards and reports and customise fully to your needs.

Geospatial analysis

View Heatmaps, Hex Bins, Choropleths, measuring tools and much, much more.

Download reports

Create presentation ready reports, maps or charts simply and quickly.

Combine networks

See your entire operational picture in one holistic view.

Map view

View your data on state-of-the-art maps.

Data view

Get to the heart of the information with data view.

Analysis and visualisation.

Find meaning from your data quickly and easily with automated analysis and visualisations of your findings.


Automated assurance measures and geo-tagging ensure certainty on what was sent by who, from, where and when.

Exception reporting

Flag and report issues in your project where you are not getting what you expected.

Exception reporting

Teams report in real time to the platform giving you an always-on view of their status.

Share reports

Quickly and easily share reports and status updates with your team and stakeholders.

Progress visualization

Keep track of your project progress with clear visualisation of what's still to be completed.


Organise your team into reporting networks and structure teams in line with your organisation.

Team management.

Keep your team and your projects on track with real-time access

and updates from anywhere in the world.

IOS & Android

Report information on the move with the ExInsight app.

​3rd party integrations

You can integrate external systems or vendors to receive and send data if needed.


Easy onboarding

Add or remove colleagues or partners at the touch of a button.

Privacy controls

Have control over access, permissions and privacy with your user group.


Add your own logo, fonts, colour palette and more to add familiarity and ownership to your reports.


Invite and collaborate with vendors, contractors and partners.

Admin control.

Manage settings and controls to make sure your network

is seeing what they need to see.

Data source

Easily export or delete data from the platform and have your data backed up on a separate server.


Secured in transit using TLS and in storage with AES256 encryption.


Information security guided by IOS:27001 principles and policies to protect your account.

Logs & analytics

A record of who has accessed your data and when.


Customer success

Our knowledgeable support team is here to answer your questions or to help troubleshoot.

Knowledge base

Search our extensive knowledge base for FAQs, guides and other useful information.


See how ExInsight can help your team.