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Report builder features

Customisable forms

Define qualitative and quantitative questions from a range of options to gather the information you need.  Adapt information requirements to your needs.

Share Templates

Customisable templates for private use or download to share with stakeholders.

Permission based reporting

Send report requests to individuals, team members or entire teams as required.  Specify who sees what.

Manage lists separately

Lists are often dynamic and are better managed in their own places and then used across apps.

Peer review, draft and save

Share your projects to collaborate with colleagues or for sign off with stakeholders.

Granular control

Adapt reports to your needs, make questions mandatory, lock or lockdown features, and direct the respondents so your information requirements are met as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Add sections

Split up longer reports with sections and breaks

Duplicate reports

Create copies of reports to help with localisation. 

Edit information requirements

Adapt to changing situations and edit information requirements without having to create a new report.

Pause campaigns

Hide reports from view rather than having to start again.

Mobile Data Collection features

Collect Photos

Add photos from your device’s library or take and send photos using your phone’s camera.

Collect Video

Customisable templates for private use or download to share with stakeholders.

Collect Voice Notes

Add short audio files from your device’s library or record and send voice notes from within the ExInsight application. 

Collect Text

Add short or long-form text to give context to your report.

Collect True/False Statements

Answer true or false questions, yes or no, pass or fail or a custom combination of binary answers.

Collect Lists

Answer from a pre-authored list of options.

Collect Location

Add a point of interest to a map, add coordinates or MGRS to record location.

Provide assurance to your work

Assure others: use the phone’s metadata to demonstrate that you were at a place at a time.  

View History

See your previous responses all in one place. 


Use the entire application in a language of your choosing. 

Work offline

Cache reports on your phone when you are off-grid.  Choose whether to manually synch data or automatically send your report when your phone re-establishes connection.

Collect Text

Access the application on both Apple and Android devices

Browser-based Collection Features.

Intuitive, browser-based forms

Make data entry easier by using forms to input data with the benefits of data validation which helps reduce errors.

Integrate other data

Quickly and easily integrate multiple data sources to meet your needs. We support CSV, XLS, JSON and GeoJSON file types for bulk upload.

Upload data in bulk

Take spreadsheets or data files and import them into ExInsight in bulk saving time on manual data entry.

API integration

Harness the power of open or external data sources by integrating into your project.

Analysis and visualisation features.

Tabular views

See all the data that’s been collected in a table.  Interact with the table using sorting, filtering and conditional formatting.

Map views

Explore geospatial data by seeing reports, meta data and attribute data on stunning maps.


Use advanced yet easy-to-use filters to get the information you need faster.

Conditional formatting

Create rules to colour or style your data based on conditions.  Draw your attention to anomalies and outliers and improve exception reporting.

Auto-charts and graphs

Save time on interpreting data with our explorer view which presents pre-formatted graphs reducing the need to create your own charts.

Download reports

Download raw data into common file formats such as .xls, .csv, json or geoJSON.  Use the data in other applications. 

PDF reports

Download a PDF copy of a report for record or for sharing with others.

Email reports

Send an email containing an html formatted report to yourself or others.

Stunning background maps

See your data on a range of the satellite and terrain maps as well as maps designed specifically for dark or light mode.

Custom background maps

Add proprietary background maps using bespoke cartographic techniques including refreshed satellite imagery.

Notification and alerting features

Rule-based reporting

Send automated notifications based on rules to recipients of your choosing.

Exception Reporting

Send automated notifications based on exceptions to recipients of your choosing.

Segment notifications

Send different notifications to different users depending on their preferences.

Group-based reporting

Create groups of recipients for easy administration.

Geoplus features

Rule-based reporting

See multiple layers of data on one map.  Turn layers on and off and control the opacity of each layer.

Data-driven styling

Use data driven conditions to style data based on conditions and thresholds.

Point maps

See data on a map as a series of maps. Edit variables like colour, size and opacity and style based on conditions.


Visualise data as a heatmap with granular control over colour scale, intensity and opacity.


Use a hexagonal mesh layer to display the intensity of values within while retaining geographic certainty.

Custom mapping

Display multiple and bespoke background mapping layers.


Upload and style polygons to give geographic context to your information.

Lines and Paths

Upload and style paths to give geographic context to your information.

Save Maps

Save the configuration and styling of a map for later use.

Customised Tooltips

Define what you want to see when you hover over an item or layer on a map.

Canvas and Dashboard features

Text Sections

Add and style free text with support for formatting such as fonts, font sizes, heading styles and links.


Apply metrics based on the data you have collected.  Create KPIs and style the results based on conditions.


Build and customise interactive and highly styled charts and graphs.

iFrames and html

Embed external sources of information such as web content like videos, imageries, third party maps and more. 

Team Management features


Automated assurance measures and geo-tagging ensure certainty on what was sent by who, from, where and when.

Exception reporting

Flag and report issues in your project where you are not getting what you expected.

Real-time reporting

Teams report in real time to the platform giving you an always-on view of their status.

Share reports

Quickly and easily share reports and status updates with your team and stakeholders.  Email information automatically from the system.

Progress visualization

Keep track of your project progress with clear visualisation of what's still to be completed.


Organise your team into reporting networks and structure teams in line with your organisation.

Platform, Admin, Security and Support features

Mobile friendly

Report information on the move with the ExInsight app.

3rd Party integrations

​You can integrate external systems or vendors to receive and send data if needed.

Easy onboarding

Add or remove colleagues or partners at the touch of a button.

Privacy controls

Have control over access, permissions and privacy with your user group.


Add your own logo, fonts, colour palette and more to add familiarity and ownership to your reports.


Invite and collaborate with vendors, contractors and partners.


Easily export or delete data from the platform and have your data backed up on a separate server.


Secured in transit using TLS and in storage with AES256 encryption.


Information security guided by IOS:27001 principles and policies to protect your account.

Logs & analytics

A record of who has accessed your data and when.

Customer success

Our knowledgeable support team is here to answer your questions or to help troubleshoot.

Knowledge base

Search our extensive knowledge base for FAQs, guides and other useful information.

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