Customise the data you want reported.

Define your information requirements upfront.  Let team members know what information you want to collect.  Structure information to make analysis easier.

All your project data, all in one platform.

With automated dashboards, all of your project data, no matter the format, is grouped, organised, and presented to you clearly and immediately.

Data driven

decision making made easy.

Real-time reporting software that lets you collect information remotely and analyse data intuitively so that you can make effective decisions faster.

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The information generated on ExInsight is used across functions in different industries and is used by a variety of end-users. 

Trust, but verify.

With photo and geo-tagging functionality, you have confidence that your team are where they need to be. ExInsight gives you accurate and timely information you know you can trust.

Collect information on the move or from your desktop.

Use web forms or mobile apps to input data.  Take the hard work out of reporting by answering yes or no, numeric or multiple choice question. Activate features like geolocation to add assurance and accountability to your reports. 

Analyse and share the results interactively.

From the small stuff to the big picture, ExInsight organises your information so you can get the right information to the right people at the right time.

Data driven decisions made easy

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