Understand your environment without ever stepping foot in it.

ExInsight allows you to collect information remotely and analyse intuitively so that you can make effective decisions faster.


Reduce uncertainty with advanced collection, analysis and reporting software and methods.

Ask questions, get answers


Set out what you want to know using easy-to-build forms. 

2. Collect

Ask people to respond via intuitive mobile apps and web-forms or import spreadsheets.

3. Collate

Gather information on the cloud. ​

4. Analyse

Drill down into detail.  Filter by place, time and attribute. ​

5. Produce

Build stunning dashboards. Present your findings.  Generate inquisition and ask more questions and get more answers.

Make decisions from your data in minutes, not days or weeks.

Get up and running quickly and easily



but verify.

Our tools give our customers certainty that someone reported information from a specific location and at a specific time.  


Read how others have used ExInsight to collect and analyse information throughout the world.

Can't travel because of Covid-19? 

Have you considered using software to help gather information remotely?

Speak to us to understand how we can help you operate remotely, reducing the need to send your own people when it is difficult to do so otherwise.  

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