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How ExInsight can be used in Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine is dynamic and could go in a number of directions from a continuation of the status quo to peace and recovery. We hope for the latter but experience has taught us to hope for the best and plan for the worst. Here’s how ExInsight can help Ukraine, its people and their international partners.

Route Survey and Area Assessment

Understanding a situation from afar is a key proposition of ExInsight.

We have recently developed the capability to display the locations of photos on maps in ways that can be searched and visualised over time. International staff that are ‘first-in’, or their Ukrainian team members can take photos and add points of interest along routes, tagging infrastructure and safe havens alongside obstacles and concerns. This provides a rich, interactive view of routes and areas and can be viewed remotely by those with permission.

Situational Awareness

Contextualising situations and understanding an environment is the difference between a safe and successful project and one that fails.

ExInsight can be used to build and establish reporting networks to help you and your organisation understand where things are happening, when, and why. This can include:

  • Operational Reporting and Oversight

  • The displaying and analysis of third-party datasets or open source information (OSINT).

Needs and Baseline Assessments

Donors and partners need to understand the country’s requirements before allocating resources. ExInsight can be given to people already in Ukraine to record structured information as required to help establish a baseline understanding. This can include:

  • Reporting battle damage

  • Site Inspection

  • Supply Chain Mapping

  • Pricing Reports

Monitoring and Evaluation

Finally, once projects are established, ExInsight can be used for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E). Staff can conduct assessments using set templates, all of which can be seen from regional offices in Kyiv and Lviv, from neighbouring countries such as Poland, or from EU countries and the United States.

Further Reading

See how ExInsight’s powerful platform can be used to develop Situational Awareness, to augment News Gathering or to help with Monitoring and Evaluation.

Our software is best experienced through demonstration: book a demonstration with one of our team.

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