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powerful platform to make the most of their data.

The Challenge

An Oil & Gas company operating in a challenging part of Africa, were struggling to make sense of the data that affected their business.

With numerous, disparate sources of data including weather, terrain, and security being held by separate departments it was almost impossible to find correlation or meaning in their work.

The Solution

Using ExInsight's unique reporting software the company were able to realise the full potential of their data. Utilising the platform to collect and automatically sort disparate data into one, easy to navigate dashboard.

This unique view of their environment provided data visualisations and analysis the kept projects on track and stakeholders in the loop.

The Results

The company uses ExInsight on a daily-basis to enhance their understanding of what is happening in a complex environment.


Reduction in time spent conducting surveys



Additional revenue by remaining operational during Covid 19



Faster decision making from data collection


Oil and Gas

Situation Awareness, East Africa

Helping an oil company make sense of a fast-moving situation.

An oil company used ExInsight on a daily-basis to process, interpret and visualise information. 

An image depicting an oil and gas operation, a key market for ExInsight.

The Challenge

With the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic and an uncertain security situation developing, our customer was unable to send its engineers to its North African power stations.

They needed to collect information quickly and relied on a local contractor to inspect the site and report back using conventional methods, however, this resulted in failure as the data delivered was not accurate, timely or accountable.

The Solution

With ExInsight’s powerful software and geo-location functionality, local contractors were equipped with our mobile app allowing our customers to have confidence in the accuracy and quality of their reports. With intuitive reporting software engineers were able to react in real time to developments on site and supply updated subjective and quantitative questions to further understand the situation.

Responses were tagged with locations and timestamped to ensure validity and by attaching imagery as supporting evidence our customer was able to fully understand the situation and have confidence in their actions.

The Results

The Engineering firm was able to maintain operations during a difficult time that would have resulted in delay to their activities otherwise. 

An image depicting an infrastructure operation, a key market for ExInsight.

Engineering & Infrastructure

Site Inspection, North Africa

Helping engineers inspect infrastructure remotely.

A leading engineering firm used ExInsight as a tool to facilitate remote site inspections when their engineers were unable to travel onto site. 


Increase in Usable Data



Improved delivery



Cost Savings



Savings in operational costs



Faster deployment versus traditional methods



Increase in usable data


The Challenge

A leading provider of R&D services was attempting to complete an academic survey in Rural Somaliland to assess the impact of climate change in the region.

Due to the remote, low-bandwidth location and their outdated technology they would need to rely on note-taking in the field before manually inputting the data into an electronic format. But with a challenging lead time and language barriers to contend with this was not a viable option.

The Solution

Using ExInsight’s intuitive platform our customer was able to deploy an automated, visual, and easy-to-use tool to its team on the ground, allowing them to get started almost instantly with very little training.

With our offline reporting method, low-bandwidth wasn’t an issue and researchers could create and conduct multiple surveys offline, synching with ExInsight’s platform once reaching connectivity.

Utilising the software’s real time updates, teams could work collaboratively and status reports and updates could be sent or received from both their UK and Somaliland locations. With data displayed as visual tables, maps and charts - interpretation and analysis time was drastically reduced.

The Results

The NGO was able to complete their work in a way that added assurance to their donors and reduced the time their staff spent in the field.

An image depicting an NGO working in an emerging or developing market.


Monitoring & Evaluation, East Africa

Helping an NGO conduct their work faster. 

An NGO used ExInsight to speed up their research in a challenging environment, reducing repeat visits and adding assurance to their work. 


Situation Awareness, United States

Helping a Consulting company build supply chain resilience.

A leading consultancy used ExInsight to build a machine-readable data set of suppliers which could be searched, visualised and easily updated. 

An image depicting consulting

The Challenge

A consulting company was tasked with cataloging suppliers to the United States military as part of a global search for vendor support. Previously, information was manually catalogued in spreadsheets and then incorporated into PDF documents. By the time the information was reviewed by the end-users, it was out-of-date, and could not be filtered by place or by attribute.

The Solution

Utilising ExInsight’s software our customer was able to collect, file and sort all of their information easily and automatically. With easy-to-use forms and an intuitive user experience, data was entered and validated all through our application, before being linked to existing spreadsheets and third-party directories to incorporate data in bulk.

By implementing attributes such as the type of product offered, their readiness, location and capacity through ExInsight, our customer was able to expedite analysis and make data driven decisions, faster.

By moving from manual collection to ExInsight, our customer was able to access real time reports that provided actionable data and a better understanding of their supply chain preparedness.

The Results

The consultancy was able to differentiate themselves from their competition by delivering a superior product which had multiple uses by its customer.


Faster than traditional data collection methods



Additional projects awarded as a result



Faster delivery of information to customer


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