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When a site visit is impossible, have confidence in the data you are collecting and share real-time updates and clear, visual reports with colleagues and stakeholders. ExInsight allows you to gather information from sites of interest, supported by imagery, allowing the right information to get to the right people at the right time.

Understand your environment

without ever stepping foot in it.

An image showing how ExInsight be used to layer M&E reports with external data sets to provide rich and interactive reporting to managers, donors and stakeholders.  The image shows a a series of sites and locations that have been monitored and evaluated, alongside an external data set of incident data.


Trust, but verify.

With photo, video, and geotagging functionality, you have confidence that your team is where they need to be. 

Giving you the accurate and timely information you know you can trust.

Save on site visits.

ExInsight allows you to direct site visits remotely enabling you to gather the information you need without the costs and risks of going there yourself.


Multiple sites can be visited simultaneously allowing you to gain the understanding you need in a fraction of the time it would take to visit the sites yourself.

See real-time progress.

Because information is gathered and reported in real-time, those responsible can assess progress and report it to all those that are entitled. This information is retained in an auditable manner allowing any given team’s performance to be assessed in real-time or over a specified period.

See how ExInsight can help your team.

The image depicts an Environment where Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is important and where ExInsight's software could be used to add accountability and assurance to M&E work.

Use Case

Monitoring & Evaluation.

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