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Eyes on, hands off – the key to effective management.

Management is a highly complex skill. It requires leadership, empathy, experience and an understanding of when a lighter touch or stronger oversight is required. Many managers make the mistake of either being too controlling or too out of touch with their team to effectively manage an organisation or project.

There are many management frameworks available to help improve performance, but a particular favourite of ours is the ‘Eyes on, hands off’ approach. This way of working means that information is available to teams ‘on-demand’ instead of ‘by demand’, promoting trust in your team to deliver whilst also providing oversight and guidance on the task at hand.

So… which management style do you see in your own ways of working?

Eyes on, hands off matrix.

At Exinsight we believe that the most effective management style is ‘Eyes on, hands off’ and we have developed our technology and software around this very principle. With the Exinsight platform managers and team leaders can keep track of their teams remotely, provide situation updates in real time to provide them with a clear common operational picture. So whether your requirements are improving basic team management or developing how your company reports on its ESG performance it’s important to review your management approach and utilise the tools available to you.

See how ExInsight could help you better manage your team and your business at or book a demonstration with one of our team.

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