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Survey where your products are stocked and where they are not.  Collect data on competitor or counterfeit product placement. Conduct geospatial market research.  Understand your market with retail data analytics.

Collect and analyse localised retail data

An image showing how ExInsight mobile app can be used to collect valuable retail analytics data at a granular level to ascertain pricing trends, geospatial distribution, competitor assessments and the identification of counterfeits.


Pulse surveys.

Equip vendors with the app or web form and ask them questions at any time.  Segment your sample group and ask A/B questions.  

See trends over time and space.

Conduct geospatial market analysis by seeing your collected data on a map. Filter that data by place, time or attribute.  Overlay the data with other information to help add context to your retail business intelligence. 


Ask respondents to attach imagery to verify the information that you need to know.  Automatically geotag information to verify where the information was recorded. 

See how ExInsight can help your team.

The image shows a retail environment, where ExInsight can be used as Retail Analytics software to help evaluate product placement, identify counterfeits and conduct competitor analysis.

Use Case

Retail Analytics

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How ExInsight can help you with retail analytics.

The Answers You Need

ExInsight's data collection app can be used by people in your network to collect data on the ground.  Our mobile data collection tools can be customised to you to ask simple questions such as 'what is the price of x?. The data is automatically geotagged helping you gain an understanding of how location affects pricing via geospatial market analysis. 

How to collect pricing data.

Investigative teams can use the ExInsight's mobile data collection tools to record data such as imagery, the location, and other attribute data to help your business act against counterfeit goods.  The team can then analyse the data that's been collected to identify trends in terms of place, time, or type of vendor that is selling the counterfeit product and eroding your revenue. 

Can ExInsight help me find counterfeit products?

ExInsight is different to most retail business intelligence software because it combines both retail data collection techniques with retail data analytics.  Learn more about how our product works.

What makes ExInsight better than other retail business intelligence software?

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