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ExInsight's data collection and analytics software lets you engage with communities and understand the impact your operations have on them. Information can be reported in a transparent and accountable manner to the market, giving your investors peace of mind that you have a social license to operate.

Demonstrate your social license to operate.

An image showing how ExInsight can be used in to quantify ESG scores and rating by gathering information from communities, stakeholders and sensors.  The image shows a screenshot of ExInsight.


Give communities a voice.

Provide communities with mobile apps or web forms as a mechanism for engagement.  Ask them quantitative and qualitative questions to understand how your project is perceived.  Measure perceptions and create and understanding of how trust and positive sentiment can be created.

Provide a grievance reporting mechanism.

Give communities the ability to report problems to you or to an independent third-party.  See issues as they emerge so that you have the information to respond accordingly.  Engage with communities and provide a way for them to feedback on how you maximise your positive impact. 

Report your ESG findings to the market.

Provide the markets with scores, metrics and trends, with accompanying fidelity if required, to give investors peace of mind that you take ESG seriously.  Report your ESG findings with transparency.  Demonstrate improvements over time.

See how ExInsight can help your team.

The image shows an environmental image in relation to ExInsight's ESG reporting software.

Use Case

ESG Reporting.

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