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From hurricanes to earthquakes, from flooding to wildfires, when disaster strikes, the quicker the recovery the better.  Use ExInsight to understand a situation, gather data, see who needs support and who doesn't. Analyse that information quickly and intuitively. Present your findings to stakeholders.  Respond, recover.

Shorten the gap between disaster and recovery.

An image showing how ExInsight can be used in a natural disaster or disaster relief scenario.  The image shows a screenshot of ExInsight.


Harness the power of community.

Build and activate networks of first responders, community wardens or members of the public. Ask them questions and get answers in real-time. Use the scale of community to build a complete picture of what is happening in the aftermath of an event. 

Filter data quickly. Triage those in need.

Use filters, exception reporting, dashboards and notifications to help you understand who is in need of resources and prioritise your response based on data from the field. 

See real-time progress.

Always get the latest view of what is happening in a dynamic and complicated situation. See information as it is created. Collaborate with peers and ask questions to those in the field to make sure you have the latest understanding of the relief and recovery stages. 

See how ExInsight can help your team.

An image showing a natural disaster, a situation where ExInsight might be needed.

Use Case

Disaster Relief & Recovery.

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