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Capture images and attribute data along a route.  Automatically georeference data.  Search by person, by date or by attribute to retrieve the information you need.


Capture waypoint and POI data along routes. 

An image showing how ExInsight can be used to analyse routes by extracting GPS data from images and creating a searchable map of route information such as Points of Interest (POIs), Waypoints, Hazards and Obstacles.


Geotag photos.

Automatically geotag photos. See where photos were taken, by who and when.  

Remove the headache.

Conducting route assessments can be stressful. Take the pressure away by automating the collection of information. 

Search and filter.

See data from multiple teams on a map or in a table.  Search and filter the data by space, by time and by attribute.

See how ExInsight can help your team.

An image depicting an environment where ExInsight can be used as Route Survey software, or route assesment software, to identify points of interest, waypoints, obstacles and hazards.

Use Case

Route Surveys

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How ExInsight can help you with route surveys.

The Answers You Need

Route surveys and assessments are often challenging by nature. 

How to take the stress out of route surveys

Investigative teams can use the ExInsight's mobile data collection tools to record data such as imagery, the location, and other attribute data to help your business act against counterfeit goods.  The team can then analyse the data that's been collected to identify trends in terms of place, time, or type of vendor that is selling the counterfeit product and eroding your revenue. 

The power of search and filter

It's exceptionally easy to use and can be set up and learned in minutes.  Learn more about how our product works.

What makes ExInsight better than route assessment and reconnaissance software.

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