A leading strategic advisory company working for the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) 
Location: London and Syria
Task: Data collation and visualising threat and risk  
Task Components: liaison with key stakeholders- data enhancement - data assurance – data integration - data analysis and visualisation- reporting


The Problem:

Collating, analysing and visualising threat and risk data. A market-leading, strategic advisory company working for the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) approached ExInsight to help collate, analyse and visualise information relevant to security and risk in Syria focusing mainly on the kinetic activity of non-state actors.


ExInsight was approached to assist with this specific phase of the assessment, based upon our skilled engineers' understanding of risk management and security in the region. In addition, the project was time-sensitive and had to be completed quickly, data was drawn from diverse sources and data assurance was needed to ensure the highest possible quality product. The consultancy team was geographically dispersed adding to the difficulty of coordinating a project of this type.

The Solution:

The collation and analytical elements of ExInsight. Previous efforts to complement the project with technology had proved time consuming and had not produced the level of fidelity required by the project. The ExInsight engineer engaged with the project team and established available data sources and a clear understanding of the required analysis and resulting products. This information was inputted into the platform from multiple sources and checked and cross-referenced to ensure the required level of accuracy. Analysis of the data was then undertaken and the required mapping and charts created.


ExInsight’s products were produced iteratively in order to support changes in the product’s text. This was able to be done in near real-time as the source information, collated in the system, could be easily reinterpreted. All data and products were stored securely in the cloud, accessible to all stakeholders entitled to see it. This allowed the platform to be used collaboratively and dramatically helped editing and decision making provided by the project team, wherever they were. 

The Concern:

Outsourcing. Our customer was initially concerned about outsourcing this work to a third party . Additionally, clarification was required in the areas of data ownership and data protection.


ExInsight’s embedded engineer worked closely with each member of the client’s team to understand their requirements in detail. He soon became a valued member of the project team which quickly saw real value in ExInsight’s contribution. Comprehensive agreements were drawn up between the parties to provide legally bidding assurances regarding data ownership and protection.  

The impact:

By using ExInsight, our customer was able to significantly improve their data collation and analysis.


  • Reduced project time. Data was more accurately and quickly collated improving the effectiveness of the project and reducing the time to produce projects from days to minutes.

  • Improved collaboration. A geographically dispersed team was able to work towards a common goal based on a common frame of reference.

  • Improved data quality: Due in large part to the primary methods of data collection, additional data fidelity was required to produce the products needed. Considerably better positional accuracy was able to be achieved using ExInsight.    

  • More insightful reporting. Our customer was able to provide more accurate and more timely reports to the FCO. Visualisation of data was also improved driving improved value for the project as a whole.


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