Information collection and analysis solutions

ExInsight is designed for multiple uses in the fields of data collection and analysis.  Each of our solutions is built to promote effectiveness, efficiency, accountability and assurance.

Disaster Relief and Recovery Software

Shorten the time from disaster to recovery with ExInsight’s innovative data collection software.

When the next disaster strikes, ExInsight is there to help you reduce the time between a disaster occurring and your community recovering.  


The innovative software lets you gather information from affected communities in terms of who is affected by what, where and when.  This information can then be ordered and prioritised to help you and your teams respond with your best foot forward. 

Our proposition to you is that our mobile app can be used by your people in the field, whether they be first responders or members of the community to help you gather critical information. 

In the first instance, you might be interested in where a disaster has affected people.  You could launch your first ‘information requirements’ in minutes and have those people be your eyes and ears on the ground, sending back answers to your questions complete with their location to help you automate and speed up the process of understanding what is happening.  From there, you can ask more questions from segments of the user group, drilling down into detail on the pressing issues of the day.

Behind the scenes, and using ExInsight’s cutting edge technology, all the information that you collect will be automatically collated and presented back to you via maps, tables, graphs and charts.  

The data can be dashboarded easily and does not require people with masters degrees in technology to operate it.  In fact, the whole thing can be deployed easily and remotely and access can be granted to any user permitted to do so. 


Remote Survey Software

Avoid travel by tasking others to go where you can't.

With COVID-19, climate change, security and cost as prohibitive factors, ExInsight can help you get the information that you need, when you need it, without you having to travel.

Our software lets our customers specify the information that they want collected - including time-stamped and geolocated imagery - then ask authorised individuals in the locale to gather the information answering a predefined set of questions. 

The information can even be collected in offline environments and synchronised when the collector regains connectivity, retaining assurance information such as when and where the information was entered originally. 

Back in headquarters, or in a remote office, you can see the information that has been collected in near real-time, re-tasking the collector if necessary to gather even more information.

Powerful analytics provide you with exception reporting, conditional formatting, and pre-formatted graphs and charts to help you understand exactly what is going on without having to travel there.  


Supply Chain Preparedness Software

Always know the status and readiness of your supply chain

Pandemics, natural disasters and political uncertainty are all issues that we face in the world right now.  These issues have real impact on supply chains.

ExInsight can help you manage your supply chain preparedness by cataloguing suppliers using attributes that are relevant to your needs.  That data catalogue can be interpreted using ExInsight's cutting-edge maps, tables and charts to help you filter information quickly and easily.  

Suppliers can even self-audit and supply you with information via ExInsight's intuitive web-based or mobile forms.  Spreadsheets can be integrated as can databases.  This cuts down your data entry requirement, putting the onus on suppliers to verify their ability to serve you when you need them. 

ExInsight can provide you with this information on demand meaning that your information is kept up to date and is readily accessible. 


Situation Awareness Software

Forecast future events and make your analysis stand out.

ExInsight's software is built on the Information Cycle, providing people with the ability to direct, collect, collate, analyse and produce information products.  By providing each part of the cycle in a modular fashion, our software can be used in part, or in whole, to speed up the analytical process and help people get insight quickly and easily.  

Unlike other systems, ExInsight is extremely easy to use and does not require people with Masters degrees in GIS software to operate it. Nor does it require expensive teams of data scientists. 

If you need a product that can be set up quickly, requires little or no training, and can ingest large, disparate and dynamic data, then our team will demonstrate how we can help you build products that stand out.