Remote Data Collection

and Analytics Software

Data = Knowledge

The more data you have the better decisions you can make. Data, properly analysed, allows efficiencies to be identified, strategies to be developed and tested, and outcomes to be measured. 


Data applies to everything, and everything creates data. It is important to ensure that the data you use is as timely, accurate and relevant as possible. ExInsight provides the tools needed to capture the data you require, analyse it, act upon it, and measure results.

The Information Cycle

Conscious of the adage, "the more you know, the more you know you don't know", The Information Cycle lets you repeat the process, asking secondary and tertiary questions to help you better understand the things that are important to your operation. 

The 'Information Cycle' forms the backbone of our model.  The component parts are modular and can be used independently or in whole as part of our software package. 

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The ExInsight Platform

ExInsight is an enterprise level information collection, collation and analytics platform. It allows organisations to bring disparate sources of information together in order to achieve the best possible understanding of their operations and the context or environment in which they are conducted. Our product supports any organisation or company - governments, the aid sector, strategy & policy, extractives industries, risk management and insurance - that deals with complexity, assurance and compliance.  We do this by deriving meaning which would be inaccessible otherwise. This reduces uncertainty allowing users to be more efficient, effective and competitive. 


Data sources, once combined, are analysed using state of the art custom tools, applications and artificial intelligence. This analysis can be easily and securely shared with all those that are entitled to receive it. 


Through this process ExInsight enables organisations to use the data they gather, and the data they already possess, to develop awareness and to make better decisions, faster.


1. Define

What do you need to know?

Asking the right questions is the key to understanding. ExInsight allows you to quickly and easily define your data requirements in both quantitative and qualitative ways. If your information requirements change or need updating the changes can be broadcast to your network ready for collection. 


Often your data is held in silos or locked away in spreadsheets or on third party systems. With backgrounds in both computer science and data science, ExInsight’s engineers can work, and deploy if required, with you to help you understand the potential of your data, how to structure your information requirements and what questions to ask. Additionally, ExInsight also offers expertise in academic research, risk management and state reconstruction.


2. Collect

Gather information from any source.


Project information and ground truth is established via our mobile data gathering tools. This enables information to be gathered anywhere in the world. This information is geo-referenced and date and time-stamped providing information assurance and auditable logs.


These tools run on phones, tablets and laptops via web browsers, Android and iOS apps.

Data, once captured, is transmitted to the platform in real-time and can take the form of surveys, photography, video and audio. Due the the platform’s ease of use client’s report that information is collected 50% quicker than using traditional methods.


Data integration from multiple sources allows additional information to be integrated into the operational picture. This information can be easily and swiftly inputted in multiple formats using ExInsight’s custom uploader.


3. Collate

Instant charting and geospatial analysis tools.

Data collation is undertaken automatically ensuring data is entered into the system once. This minimises both the resources and the mistakes that are inherent in traditional data collation methods. Client’s report that collating data using ExInsight provides efficiencies of up to 75%.


Once collated data is automatically backed-up avoiding loss or damage. Gaps in data are easy to identify allowing them to be addressed.


Exinsight has been built with system integration in mind. Data can be easily moved onto client’s current platforms as required. 

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4. Analyse

Instant charting and geospatial analysis tools.

Analytics & Dashboards are used to assess the information and answer critical questions. ExInsight includes powerful tools that enable users to identify patterns and  interpret data using the system’s intuitive interface.

ExInsight automatically produces graphs, charts, tables and mapping to aid analysis and interpret your data.


5. Produce

Gain insight and build powerful conclusions from your data.

Reporting is aided by automated form builders, mapping and graphics to enable a customer to quickly and easily disseminate conclusions and insights derived from the analysed data. 

ExInsight’s dashboards can be accessed in ‘view only’ providing real time reporting to anyone authorised to see the data. The dashboards can also be exported for inclusion in reports.


Show progress on day one

  • Remotely & Rapidly Deployable

  • Low training burden

  • Can be used by anyone entitled


Gain insight 

  • Efficiency

  • Effectiveness

  • Accountability

  • Assurance