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Collect, analyse and report information

We build Monitoring and Evaluation software to help our customers get insight from their project data and access information which might be inaccessible otherwise. Our platform consists of mobile and web apps and upstream and downstream integrations to help customers become more effective, efficient and competitive

Mobile collection

Mobile collection tools have been developed to allow data to be gathered anywhere in the world. These tools run on phones, tablets and laptops using most operating systems (Android and IOS). Data can take the form of surveys, photography, video and audio. 

Data Integration

Data integration allows additional data to be included into InSight that is relevant to an operation or an organisation. This information can be inputted in multiple formats.

Data Collation

Data collation is undertaken automatically ensuring data is entered into the system once. This minimises the resources required to undertake collation and mistakes that are inherent in less streamlined methods.

Auditable data

Auditable data is maintained through metadata in tamper-proof, auditable logs.
The logs include the source of data and where and when it was created. 

Analytics & Dashboards

Analytics & Dashboards are then used to assess the information and answer critical questions. InSight includes powerful tools that enable users to interpret data using the system’s intuitive interface. InSight allows users to sift through enormous data-sets using fully configurable, rule-based algorithms and artificial intelligence.


Reporting key events or analysis can be achieved using InSight’s automated reporting functions. Data, graphs and analysis can be shared across teams, departments while maintaining a single accountable record of what was sent to who and when.

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