Understand what questions you need answers to

Directing your information requirements can be tricky.

ExInsight software makes it easy to define the questions you need to answer. 

Our software lets you codify anything you need to measure, whether it is simple or complicated.

Unlock your data

Define, collect, collate, analyse and report your most important information

Our software helps customers gain insight from their sometimes inaccessible project data. Our software, with powerful analytics and visualisations allow you to become more effective, efficient and competitive.


Gather information from any source

Mobile collection


Our app allows data to be gathered from anywhere in the world. Syncing seamlessly with the platform. Information can take the form of surveys, photography, video and audio.

Data Integration


Data can be integrated through API, sensor or a simple spreadsheet upload. 


Disparate data is consumed for analysis

Data Collation

Once inputted, your data is automatically collated and securely stored on the cloud, easily accessible by anyone in your organisation, providing a single source of truth. 


Auditable data

Not only is your fundamental data stored and searchable, associated metadata, such as source or creation times can also be analysed.


Automated instant charting and geospatial analysis 

Analytics & Dashboards

Sift through enormous data-sets quickly and easily. 

Powerful tools allow you to intuitively interpret data.

Gain insight and build powerful conclusions from your data.

Report key events or analysis through automated reporting.


Data, graphs and analysis can be shared across teams, departments or to clients with accountable records of what was sent to who and when.


Instant reporting

Speak with us to understand how ExInsight can improve outcomes for your organisation.


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