Disaster Relief and Disaster Recovery


Obtaining and maintaining shared situational awareness in an emergency is difficult to achieve but vital to an efficient and effective outcome. 


ExInsight provides the situational awareness that allows leaders to prioritize, sequence, and focus response efforts to maintain and restore critical services and infrastructure. This reduces the time from disaster to recovery.


Our end-to-end platform provides data collection tools, analytics and reporting that:

  • Allows all those involved in a Recovery Operation to gather and transmit critical information.

  • Improves communication driving unity of effort by adding to the Common Operational Picture.

  • Automates reporting and products to enhance situational awareness, determine capability gaps, and demonstrate progress towards stabilization.

  • Aids cross-sector coordination when dealing with complex components of a disaster - configured to the 7 Lifelines Lexicon (or other methodologies).

  • Provides a common platform to integrate preparedness efforts, existing plans, and identify unmet needs to better anticipate response requirements.


ExInsight offers considerable advantages over traditional paper and email based methods. It provides data assurance, it is remotely deployable, it provides significant increases in efficiency & effectiveness, and improved data security & retention. 

  • Establish what information you need to know. 

  • Transmit your information requirements to your network in real-time. 

  • Be certain where and when data was collected and by who.

  • No need for paper forms.

  • Add  pictures and video to support findings.

  • Transmitted over the internet instantly.

  • Information received in real-time.

  • Automatic collation.

  • Collected information cannot be lost and is stored securely.

  • Gaps in data collection can be identified easily.

  • Identify patterns.

  • Display information by time, data, location.

  • Cross reference information gathered against other data demographic, economic, social & infrastructure.

  • Derive meaning from data.

  • Produce automated reports with ExInsight's form builder.

  • Export graphs, charts and mapping for inclusion in reports. 

A graphic explaining the basic concept of the platform.

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