The problem

The rapid spread of COVID-19 is causing unprecedented business interruption.


Whether as a result of illness, social-isolation, or being unable to return from an international trip, many companies’ workforces are affected across broad geographical areas.


The usual business processes currently in place are not designed to accommodate staff reductions on this scale. Decision-makers require real-time information, such as:

  •  The location of staff that require assistance

  •  Whether people can work at home

  •  The spread of COVID-19


Graphic: The ability to quickly compare health data and the location and status of staff. (fictional data)

ExInsight allows businesses to assess and respond to the impact of the virus on individual staff and the resultant impact on their critical functions in order to act in the best interests of everyone.


Understand what questions you need to answer

ExInsight has developed a network enabled, data collection and analytics platform, supported by data scientists and analysts that allows companies to: 

 Locate and categorise their staff: 
Who is ill? 
     Who needs help? 
     Who is able to work remotely?
     Which business functions are able to continue
     Which business functions need critical attention


By gathering the required information across a company’s workforce, and from additional relevant sources, those responsible are able to provide the best available duty of care, business resilience and recovery for individuals and the company as a whole.

A sample of the phone application. (fictional data)



A graphic explaining the basic concept of the platform.

Once data has been collected, it is vital to extract meaning from it quickly.

The ExInsight platform presents data in multiple formats making it easy to evaluate, allowing better decisions, faster. Depending on your business needs, you will be able to answer critical questions such as:

 Who needs your help?

 Which departments are under-resourced?

 Which critical functions are at risk?

This business critical information then informs immediate responses and further action to manage and reduce impact to the business and its employees.

A map view of the public health data (the colour coded gradient) versus where staff are currently located. This data is displayed alongside the graphical breakdown of the data and can be filtered further if needed. (fictional data)

UK COVID 19 with Details.png


Accurate, timely information is required to make the right decisions.

We will work with you to tailor the platform so that it is specific to your business needs, your company culture, and your country’s employment and data protection law. Your employees download the App to report their status, responding to the questions to which you need answers.


Alongside your company-specific data we will incorporate other publicly available information, including the latest relevant government releases of where the virus has occurred. This gives you the best possible understanding of your own staff’s situation and how it relates to the wider environment.


Effective recovery relies on the efficient allocation of resources.

Once the spread of COVID-19 is brought under control the recovery of individuals and the business as a whole will need to be managed. The platform can be used to apply resources, which are by nature limited, to where they are needed most. In this way recovery plans can quickly be formulated and enacted, speeding up recovery time.

ExInsight Disaster Relief Example.png

A tabular view of the responses from staff which can be colour coded and filtered to help decision making. (fictional data)

ExInsight Disaster Relief Example.png
US COVID 19 with Graphs.png

Graphic: The ability to quickly compare health data and the location and status of staff. (fictional data)


ExInsight is a cloud-based software platform that lets you collect, interpret and analyse information. The product has been repurposed in response to the COVID-19 outbreak to let organisations like yours understand the status of their people. We achieve this by providing you with tools to:

Ask customised or templated questions to your staff. Commonly asked questions include whether the member of staff is self-isolating, ill and unavailable or in a higher-risk category. Other questions could enquire about the mental and physical welfare of staff.

Allow your staff to respond daily, or at greater frequency, via a mobile application or web-based form. Intuitive interfaces let staff update their status quickly and easily, freeing up time to concentrate on work or on getting better.

Analyse the status of your people over space and time. Data can be viewed on tables, maps and charts to help your managers easily establish which departments might be under stress.

View the latest publicly available cases of COVID-19 via maps or charts. We can display WHO or Government data on where cases are and then overlay the locations of your people to help you see where your organisation might be the most exposed in terms of geographical risk.

A sample of the phone application. (fictional data)

Exception reporting. Discover when people have not reported or when they submit an answer that is unexpected.

The information requested on the platform is able to be tailored to meet the requirements of each customer. The platform is able to be configured to meet your business needs, your company culture, and relevant employment and data protection law. For example, it may not be legally permissible to ask employees if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19 but you could ask whether they are self-isolating.

07. The benefits of using ExInsight during the COVID-19 outbreak

To best help businesses during this difficult time, Exinsight can help enable:

Duty of care 

Develop a clear understanding of your staff’s physical and mental health while they work at home. Understand if staff are able to work from home and assess their access to basic goods and services.

Business resilience and continuity 

Gather data in real-time regarding which of your staff are able to work effectively and who is affected by the virus. Assess which critical business functions remain operational and which require support.

Resourcing, planning and action 

Build plans to address critical business requirements based on real-time data and increase the speed of business recovery once the disease is brought under control.

ExInsight Disaster Relief Example.png
US COVID 19 with Graphs.png

Graphic: The ability to quickly compare health data and the location and status of staff. (fictional data)

Speak with us to understand how ExInsight can improve outcomes for your organisation.