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COVID-19 has forced change in every aspect of life.  The workload of analysts as just gotten more difficult as they grapple with conventional situational awareness alongside trying to understand how COVID-19 will affect their organisations. 

Time is never on the side of an analyst.  Those that we work with have reported that freeing up their time and removing manual, repetitive work is the most sought after feature that they desire.  Second to that is the ability to improve the graphical and visual output of their hard work.  


£23 per hour per analyst

3 hours per day spent on tasks ripe for automation

= £69 per day cost

£16,560 of lost time per analyst per year.*

& a frustrated analyst 

*Assuming a salary of £45,000 per year, 48 working weeks and an 8 hour working day. 


ExInsight's analytics package lets an analyst collect, collate and analyse data from third parties as well as proprietary data sources.  Data that would normally takes hours and days to process can be 

A leading security consultancy uses ExInsight daily to inform their customers of their understanding of a complex oil producing country.  They can:

- Import open-source data in seconds

- Query databases quickly and easily

- Produce maps, charts and tables to aid decisions

- Build dashboards in minutes that would normally take days to compile.

ExInsight Disaster Relief Example.png
Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 14.37.09.png

Graphic: a dashboard showing data from the Facebook and Carnegie Mellon University COVID-19 Symptom, Google News Initiative's COVID-19 Case Mapper, alongside mocked up data for an organisation.


ExInsight offers considerable advantages over traditional systems.  It packages all components of the Information Cycle in one platform.  This offers analysts both a modular and end-to-end solution.

  • Establish what information you need to know. 

  • Transmit your information requirements to your network in real-time. 

  • Be certain where and when data was collected and by who.

  • No need for paper or disparate forms.

  • Augment data with images and other meta data. 

  • Receive information in real-time.

  • Accessible by those with authority.

  • Searchable.

  • Gaps in data collection can be identified easily.

  • Identify patterns.

  • Display information by time, data, location.

  • Cross reference information gathered against other data demographic, economic, social & infrastructure.

  • Derive meaning from data.

  • Produce automated reports with ExInsight's builder function.

  • Export graphs, charts and mapping for inclusion in reports. 

A graphic explaining the basic concept of the platform.

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