Built by a pressing need not to travel to far-flung places

Why we started

"Trust, but verify"

ExInsight was borne out of a need to do things better. Covid-19 cemented something that was already brewing: we could all do with less travel. While some travel is crucial, too much can be expensive, harmful to the environment, and can put pressure on productivity and relationships. In some cases travel can be dangerous. Security situations, natural disasters and, most recently, a pandemic have made us realise that there could be better ways to do business. 

With that in mind, ExInsight was borne.  

When we established ExInsight, we set out to build ways to gather information remotely.  But with that came risks.  How could we assure information, for example, and how could we make it easy and intuitive for people to collect and analyse information while retaining provenance, accuracy and fidelity? We adopted the old adage of "trust, but verify" as a foundation of our work. 

We are still at an early stage on our quest to build methods to help people understand their situations and build a common operating picture.  If you think you can help us, or are interested in using our products, or working with us, then do not hesitate to be in touch.


We work in small, focussed teams, and welcome speculative applications from people that are enthusiastic about our field.  

If you've ever tried to collect and analyse information and spent hours distracted by complicated software and wondered why others have made it so difficult, or if you thought to yourself there must be a better way and you want to prevent this from happening ever again, come join us.

We are especially interested in the following profiles:

Computer Science

    - Data Science
    - Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
    - iOS and Android Engineering. 
    - Front-end Software Engineering
    - Data Engineering


Subject Matter Experts

    - International Development Assistance
    - Monitoring and Evaluation
    - Field Studies
    - Behavioural Economics

Customer Success

    - Account Management
    - Sales Engineers