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ExInsight is a technology company focused on development and assistance software.


Our mission is to make monitoring and evaluation better and in doing so, help our clients make their projects even more efficient and effective.

The founders of ExInsight both have more than 15 years experience of building information management systems and working in conflict, post-conflict and other complex environments. The founders have experience working with the United Nations and NATO militaries, focused on reconstruction and post-conflict areas. 


In previous companies, both directors have experience of deploying and managing information management systems in some of the most challenging countries in the world.


We are in the process of scaling up and are especially interested in speaking to Computer Scientists and Software Engineers, full-stack, front and back end, as well as candidates with experience in M&E work. 

We are interested in connecting with anyone that shares our view that technology and systems can make the world a better place.


We believe there are five distinct steps to getting the information you need: direction, collection, collation, analysis and product. We also believe that such a sequence repeats, hence a cycle, delivering more insight to the recipient the more the system is used.

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